Is This Your Business?
Business owners analyzing company data on a tablet
Small/Medium Sized Business (SMB)
Whether your business has 2 employees or 20 ensuring your business is running optimally from a technical perspective is key to achieving your goals. With Snap Remedy as your technical support team we can make that a reality for you.
Instant technical support
Wired / Wireless networks
Clinics generally use a variety of devices as well as proprietary and commercial software to effectively provide service to their clients. With Snap Remedy we'll ensure these mixed environments work reliably and efficiently.
Mobile/tablet support
Support for your hardware/software needs
Data Management
Telephony support
Clinic receptionist calling Snap Remedy to fix computer issues
Home office professional calling for technical support
Home Professionals
Run your home office like a large business and let Snap Remedy manage critical systems like data backup, remote access and security so that you don't have to. On top of that get instantaneous technical support as soon as you need it.
Backing up your data
Remote access service
Instant technical support
NGO or Union
Your workforce is the lifeline of your organization. With Snap Remedy as a part of your team we'll help to support and maintain your infrastructure to provide an optimal working environment. Let us know what your issues are and let's start resolving them today.
Supporting the workforce
Assisting with new technology
Providing essential service for your essential service
There to support you when you need it most
Map of city showing multiple locations
Multiple Locations
Sharing and securing data as well as access can be a difficult task for your business. We have 60+ years of experience deploying and maintaining networks from small office environments to enterprise. We can ensure your network topology works exactly as you need it to.
Sharing files/media
Centralized management
Getting in front of customers is first and foremost on the mind of all retailers. From having an engaging new ecommerce website to planning and executing a multi-platformed online marketing strategy we can assist in multiple ways to help you reach your goals.
Web design
Social media
Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)
Old and broken cell phones are electronic waste
Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing forms of waste today. At Snap Remedy were fighting this trend by helping to extend the life of devices. Regular maintenance goes a long way. Let's fight this unfortunate trend together.
Extending the life of your technology
Environmentally conscience recycling of electronic products
Move towards a more paperless environment
Reducing global e-waste
Manufacturer or Producer
Connecting systems together so that data can be shared and processes can be automated is one of our core competencies. Do you use applications that you wish could work with each other's data? Let's discuss how we can make that happen.
Systems integrations/automation
Disaster recovery
Remote and onsite software and hardware support