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Services included in the Intensive Care Plan
Health Check
Our Health Check service works to uncover the most common causes of system and application issues. We'll work quickly to resolve conflicts and errors which over time can spiral out of control if unchecked.
Take your computer to the next level and enjoy improved performance through our Optimization service.
Email Setup/Support
Want to know how to get the most out of your email software? We'll help set you up, troubleshoot issues, optimize your email software and ensure your email is accessible across all your devices.
Printer Support
Has your printer given you problems in the past? Would you like to be able to print from any computer in your household? Printer setup and administration can be tricky. We'll support all your printer issues and get you set up in the way that works best for you.
Home Networking Mgmt
Home networks allow for easy file sharing and management as well as user access and resource sharing. Setting them up can be a daunting task and there are many ways to do it insecurely and inefficiently. Let Snap Remedy help you setup, secure, extend, and manage the home network you want.
Hard Drive Management
Your hard drive is where your important data lives so staying on top of hard drive health is vitally important. We can assess and proactively diagnose issues so that you can be as informed as possible.
Application Support
Do your applications not open cleanly? Is one giving you an error message that won't go away? Or do you simply want help installing/uninstalling applications? We can assist with all of these scenarios whenever they come up.
Media Management
Is your audio and video media organized and available the way you want? We can assist with media management so that your data is always accessible and easily usable.
Unattended Troubleshooting
Are you on a tight schedule? With your permission we can assist and resolve issues when you need to do other things.
Windows Upgrades
When Windows releases new versions the upgrade process is sometimes simple sometimes not. In situations like this we can ensure your transition from one version to another happens cleanly and successfully with no loss of data and preferences or downtime.
Advanced Health Check
Dig deeper into the health of your computer to ensure every aspect of its hardware and software configuration is operating at peak efficiency.
Advanced Optimization
Advanced Optimization and Advanced Health Check have all the bases covered in terms of getting the most out of your technology. Keep things running optimally and deal with system issues before they impact you.
Home Networking Security
A working home network is not necessarily a secure network. Implementing the proper security system that will match the environment that it operates within requires planning and a diverse array of skills. Let the pros at Snap Remedy work with you to figure out what that plan should be and we'll set it up and support it.
Tech for a Day
Have more than one issue? Want to spend some time with one of our experts so that you can take some time and learn more about how your computer works or how and why you would want to extend its functionality? Book some time with the pro of your choice and we'll take that extra step to assist you.
VPN's and Remote Access
Would you like to be able to remotely access your computer while away from home? This setup requires some planning and knowledgeable support in order to work securely and reliably. Let us help you realize that solution.
Internet Troubleshooting
When you have Internet outages dealing with your Internet Service Provider can be difficult and time consuming. We can assist when things get bad in such a way as to reduce the time it takes to get you back to where you need to be.
Local Backup
Local backup involves attaching a portable drive to your computer. This is a great solution if you want to take your backup files with you while on the go. Combined with our cloud backup solution you'll be covered no matter what the situation.
Data Migration
If you're in a situation where you need your data moved from one repository to another or from one system to another then we can help. Upgrading phones or just bought a new laptop? Ensure your data is migrated in a seamless way without any loss.
User Management
Setting up users on your computer or within your network requires planning to ensure they have the access you want them to have. Let us help you set that up in a way that meets all your requirements.
Asset / Warranty Management
By getting to know you we'll be able to map out your technology and the way it's interconnected. We'll know a lot better when upgrades might be coming and what those upgrades should be.
Emergency Stick
Would you like one of the very best weapons against one of the worst scenarios any computer user could be faced with at any time? Operating system corruption usually means you are down and out with your technology until you determine what happened. Be one giant step ahead on your road to recovery by using Snap Remedy's Emergency Repair Stick. With this USB stick you can be back up and running much quicker and with a lot less hassle.
Driver-Install Archiving
If ever your operating system needs to be re-installed one of the best tools to have at your disposal is an archive of your device drivers. This software allows your operating system software to work properly with your hardware components. Without proper drivers your system may not work properly. Ensuring proper drivers are available speeds up recovery time in some of the worst situations.
Merchandise Return
When purchasing new computers and peripherals sometimes they fail earlier rather than later, and while still under Manufacturer's or Extended warranty. In these cases a proper return procedure is required. We can assist with the management and return process of technology you purchase.
Parental Control
Help keep your children safe online with our Parental Control service. Be in control of the content that comes into your home.
Virtual Fax
Sending and receiving faxes can be done in the cloud, with no hardware except for your computer. If this is an essential part of your world then we can assist with setup and support.