How It Works
Contact Us First
Whether you have a question, an annoying issue or an emergency help is right around the corner. Open a support ticket with us through email, chat, by phone or our website and one of our experts will be with you right away.
Instantaneous Help
Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone support
Pro-active services
Do you have an emergency? Not to worry, we're ready to assist you
We Connect To You
Sit back and let us do the work. Connecting to Snap Remedy is simple and safe. We use Advanced Encryption Standard just like banks do to ensure the connection between Snap Remedy and you is secure.
AES 256-bit Encrypted Communication
Sessions based access
Attended or Unattended
Snap Remedy services a wide variety of consumers
Assistance Provided
Sit back and watch us go to work. At Snap Remedy our goal is to ensure your technology and data needs are taken care of. Each ticket you open will detail all the steps taken to resolution which you may refer to at any time.
Chat-enabled real-time communication
Documented steps taken to resolution
Our team of experts right at your fingertips
Choose a plan that's right
for you and your needs
Rate The Experience
We believe that you should determine how successful we are by allowing you to tell us how well we did. Each expert will be rated by our customers to ensure that our success is backed by your experience and loyalty.
You determine how successful we are
All our experts are rated
Quality assurance through reputation